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Through several clients we acquire used brass brass cartridge casings which are sorted, cleaned, and inspected for defects. We also offer our customers the option to buy ammo with new brass. We then reload the casings with the remaining ammo components which we purchase from other American manufacturers. Following the reloading process, our ammo is cleaned and inspected for quality control before being packaged.

**Our Frangible Ammunition is manufactured using Frangible Projectiles which disintegrate on impact and leave no lead residue. These may be loaded with Lead Free primers upon special request. Factory New Frangible Ammunition is also available upon request.

  • Our Ammunition:
  • Law Enforcement
  • Competitive Match
  • Distinguished Rounds
  • Frangible Ammunition

Our Product List

Caliber Item
.38 148 Gr. W/C DE T.M.J.
.38 158 Gr. S/WC T.M.J.
.45 ACP 200 Gr. T.M.J.
.45 ACP 230 Gr. T.M.J. RN
.357 Mag 158 Gr. T.M.J.
.357 158 Gr. T.M.J. Factory New
.357 Sig 124 Gr. T.M.J.
9mm 124 Gr T.M.J.
9mm 115 Gr T.M.J.
9mm 147 Gr T.M.J.
.380 Auto 100 Gr T.M.J.
.40 S/W 165 Gr T.M.J.
.40 S/W 180 Gr T.M.J.
Caliber Item
.38 Spl. 148 Gr. W/C H.B. Match Indoor
.38 Spl. 148 Gr. W/C H.B. Match Outdoor
.38 Spl. 158 Gr. Semi W/C Match
9mm 121 Gr. J.H.P.
9mm 115 Gr. J.H.P.
.45 ACP 185 Gr. J.H.P. Match
.45 ACP 200 Gr. S/WC HP Lead
.45 ACP 185 Gr. S/WC HP Lead
Caliber Item
.38 Spl. 148 Gr. W/C H.B.
.38 Spl. 158 Gr. Semi W/C
9mm 121 Gr. J.H.P
9mm 115 Gr. J.H.P.
9mm 124 Gr. T.M.J.
Caliber Item
.38 Spl. 100 Gr. FPtd>
9mm 90 Gr. FP
.40 S/W 105/115 Gr. FP
.45 ACP 145/155 Gr. FP
.357 Sig 90 Gr. FP
.380 ACP 72 Gr. FP